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If you are the kind of person who cares about what you expose yourself and the environment to, who tries to steer clear of known carcinogens and toxins, is drawn to anything that is labelled “organic” or “superfood”, and who makes a conscious effort to protect and care for the environment, then you have come to the right place! Here at Eco Friend Solutions, we consider ourselves to be friends of the ecology and every day, we meet others who feel the same – our Eco Friends. Eco Friend Solutions is a place created specifically with you in mind – the healthy living, planet loving, tree-hugging (ok maybe not that far), eco-conscious Eco Friend!

We have created this site as a resource and community from which fellow Eco Friends can find solutions and products for the eco-conscious that are both effective and affordable. It is also a place where we Eco Friends can hang out, find solutions and advice on how to be smartly eco-conscious.

How it all began…

Being that “Organic”, “Superfoods” and all things “Healthy Living” seem to be growing in popularity – which is a good thing – it seems to be that every company is jumping on board and attempting to “cash in” on the growing market of eco-conscious consumers.

The numerous “me-too” eco-friendly products seem more often than not, either ineffective or exuberantly priced (or both), making them either useless or unattainable to the everyday person who is just trying to make the better choice.

…enter HealtheClean Cleaning Products

The HealtheClean range of products for household cleaning are an Eco Friend’s dream come true! HealtheClean deliver everything you could ask for in an eco-friendly product. Non-hazardous, biodegradable, free of all known or even suspected carcinogens, grey water and septic tank safe, animal and human cruelty free! All this AND they are super effective and affordable!

When we came across the HealtheClean product range, we were blown away by how perfectly eco-friendly they are and we wanted to make them accessible to all of our Eco Friends, even the ones we haven’t met yet!

Hence, Eco Friend Solutions was born.

The HealtheClean range of products are our first offering to the Eco Friend community. We will continue to search for and provide to you, eco-friendly solutions, products and advice.


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HealtheClean Testimonials

As purveyors of seafood, Chef Richard is conscious of polluting his own back-yard, the ocean. Richard says that most Chef’s have a love for sustainability and what they do in their domain could very well affect the source of their food.  As effective as any general petro-chemical cleaner but using less and much safer – for us and the environment.

Peter Doyle

The Quay Restaurant

We have been using your products and have been very pleased with their effectiveness.

Mark Jensen

Red Lantern