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Green Without Compromise

HealtheClean’s sole purpose is to deliver the safest, most effective and cost-competitive eco friendly cleaning products to the home and workplaces. With values so perfectly aligned with ours, the HealtheClean product range was a natural choice for Eco Friend Solutions to bring on board as our first offering to our Eco Friends.

HealtheClean recognises that everyday chemicals are not only dangerous for people, but also are exceedingly toxic to the environment. HealtheClean is committed towards sustainability in all facets of its operations and 100% of its product line, services and resources are focused on being environmentally sustainable.

HealtheClean is recognised by GECA in both its operations (awarded Green Star) and products as green from the roots up.

Read more about Health-e-Clean and GECA here.

Developed by EcologicSolutions Deep Green™ cleaning technologies in America, the HealtheClean products are manufactured right here in Australia and cover an extensive range of non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-polluting green cleaning products.

Ecologic Solutions Deep Green™ cleaning formulations exceed the current standards of sustainability, producing what are are essentially, the safest, most cost-effective and cost-competitive green cleaning products available to clean your home, restaurant, hotel, office or other workplace.

All the ingredients have been found to be 100% non-toxic, non-polluting and non-hazardous and every formulation has been vigorously tested and analysed to ensure the products are the safest and most effective eco friendly cleaning product solution available.

HealtheClean Products

Product tests are based on the following criteria:

>  Efficiency
>  Biodegradability
>  Highly concentrated formula
>  Reduced packaging, waste & costs
>  Acute Toxicity
>  Chronic Toxicity
>  Presence of artificial dyes or fragrances
>  Aerosols
>  Carcinogens
>  Mutagens

* All tests are cruelty free with no animal testing.

>  Teratogens
>  Skin Irritants
>  Food Grade Additives
>  Flammability
>  VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Levels
>  BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) Levels
>  Corrosiveness
>  Petroleum
>  Hydrocarbons
>  Ozone-depleting chlorinated compounds

Did you know?

• The average person uses cleaning chemicals that produce nearly 27kg of hazardous waste per year.

• Major studies have shown that 1 out of 3 cleaning products can cause cancer, reproductive disorders, blindness or skin irritation. More than half can cause blindness, skin damage and scars or damage the blood, liver, kidneys, and nervous system.

• Current Workers’ Compensation studies show about 6 out of 100 custodians are injured on the job. The average reported injury costs companies $725 in lost time and medical expenses. Hotel and motel workers are up to 9 times more likely to receive a chemical exposure related injury.


Scary isn’t it?
The HealtheClean products are the preferable eco-friendly solution for your cleaning products and services without compromising yourself, your loved ones, or the environment.

Get rid of toxic cleaning products in your house now

Choose the safer option and protect yourself, your loved ones, and the environment.


As purveyors of seafood, Chef Richard is conscious of polluting his own back-yard, the ocean. Richard says that most Chef’s have a love for sustainability and what they do in their domain could very well affect the source of their food.  As effective as any general petro-chemical cleaner but using less and much safer – for us and the environment.

Peter Doyle

The Quay Restaurant

We have been using your products and have been very pleased with their effectiveness.

Mark Jensen

Red Lantern


GECA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with the mission to help people choose goods and services that are better for the environment. Health-e-clean products have the GECA tick of approval.


World-wide environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleansers based on reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.


World-wide environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners, ensuring that products bearing this logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership. Health-e-clean products meet EcoLogo™ approval.

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