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The Human Cost of Electronics

Benzene is found in the glue in shoemaking factories, in coating on toys, in cleaning agents in the electronic industry, in paint on furniture, and in de-rusting agents in hardware industry. Almost every industrial process that involves painting, glueing or cleaning could involve benzene. Most countries have banned the industrial use of Benzene, however China remains a culprit of unregulated and widespread use of this carcinogenic chemical.

Exposure to Benzene has been linked to causing cancer such as leukaemia and cancers of other blood cells, through evidence from studies in both people and animals.

Workers in industrial factories in China, many under 20 years old, are being exposed to dangerously high levels of Benzene on a daily basis, leading to the development of chronic and incurable diseases that could have been easily prevented. Benzene can be replaced with safer substitutes but the greed of large corporates keep the factories using poisonous carcinogenic chemicals in order to cut costs.

What can you do to help?

Sign the petition here to support the campaign to ban the industrial use of benzene.


Ban Benzene Campaign
American Cancer Society


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